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New Battles, without honor and humanity - Sunlight by 2L8

Released on Friday, October 14th, 2011
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Radiance Lyrics (by 2L8)

Our Democracy protects you when you are sleeping
You can speak as long as you speak what you’re told
Attached to the ground, an earthquake lost its enemy, fell upon you, ruined your sleeping
But you’re strong, never miss a heartbeat, just damn strong, never waste a kiss, never waste a feeling
In your infancy gave you pills to shallow
In your childhood told you not to play around
In your early teens dancing with your shadow
So you got here drowning in your silence
Well it’s about time, you come and see what lies beneath, what lies inner
The shape of gloom was meant for you; in factories robots decide your thinking
Clocks with no hands, never know what time it is, Still want to see, still want to hear it
One more time, one more time, he who talks loud says nothing
In your ignorance you will never feel this
In your vanity you don’t care about dying
Cause you’re living as long as you are buying
Well dear plastic it’s all that you are made of
I am so happy, so happy
Each day I struggle as my dignity demands
I am in love with the glowing
I am not like you, numb like you

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