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New Battles, without honor and humanity - Sunlight by 2L8

Released on Friday, October 14th, 2011
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Respect the brightness of our souls Lyrics (by 2L8)

It’s too late, we did not do enough!!
Indeed, a bold statement. Concerning our lives, consuming our lives!
We know this white knight shit is getting tiresome. We want to belong and participate.
We need a direction to follow. We need to prove ourselves.
We need to live in peace, and enrich each other.
Unfortunately, we do not live like this; we have never lived like this.
We live in fear, we die at each other’s hands, we go to jail,
we are scared, and we need a form of escapism.
We bury our heads, we talk of concerns that may afflict us,
we are confused of how to help ourselves, we cannot see a way out; we are doomed!
If enough people gather on peaceable protest, will we survive?
There are so many like me. And we desire to be, we desire to live, we desire to breathe,
oh we desire!
We are fathers and mothers, we have children. We have a duty to take care of our own.
We will do anything to ensure that happens. Anything! Anything!
We murder, we slander, we pick up guns, we are patient, we cheat, lie and steal.
We give love to our children we create. We fight to prepare the way for them.
We do not do enough. We do not do enough. We do not do enough. It is never enough!
We need more commitment. We need more involvement. We need more!
We are prepared to give our lives, to make sure our children live in a free society.
We know nothing of mercy; we know nothing of compassion, understanding and empathy.
You are my brothers and sisters. I will defend you. At any cost! At any cost! At any cost!

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