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New Battles, without honor and humanity - Moonlight by 2L8

Released on Thursday, October 13th, 2011
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Silence Lyrics (by 2L8)

The silence inside him
And as the years go by I become more and more of an animal
I sit alone in this dark room, yes I hide inside
My tenderness, my sweet desire, I do not remember, I cannot recall
What I desired, if I ever did desire
And I make this my commitment, till the end of slavery
Of my soul, and of my brothers and my sisters
Nothing belongs to me, nothing ever did belong
Let us dream on, dream of moving on
On the stars, on the stars, on the stars, they shine so bright tonight
At last it all makes sense, this trip is about to end
Exactly where it begun, to the lust for life
Life inside
Oh, finally its clear friends, we have all been misled
Now nothing is solid, nothing is saved, we never feel safe
Who will ever be so brave, to speak the forbidden words
I fear it’s possible that we are already tied
Let us dream of freedom

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