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All the Songs by Absofacto

Released on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
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Palinopsia Lyrics (by Absofacto)

every single night after the sky goes black
i see your face, i think you're back
you hover in the dark like you hang from a string
but i flip on the light and i don't find anything
it all makes sense, got ya burned in my retinas
you left my mind's eye paused,
god awful optic tetanus
i never bother rolling over
'cause you're over there too

in the red light palinopsia
in the blue light palinopsia
in the purple light palinopsia

i walk down liberty street after dusk
a slave to a memory
projecting your face on every pedestrian
i haven't found a match
but there was this one
with the right hair color and cut
another was wearing those shoes you bought
your voice made my cilia ring
radiating out of the throat of a dead ringer
singing on the corner for some change

in the red light palinopsia
in the blue light palinopsia
in the purple light palinopsia

12345 now you're all i see
you're frozen in time like i need you to be
1234 i will sculpt you
a statue of a statue of a statue of a statue
123 take it easy
you're frozen in time cause i froze you in time
so you'll always be there
no matter if you want to (1,2)
you are the only one (1)
you are the only one

all day, every day
shadowy shapes are shifting back and forth behind
the seedy operations that devour my time
don't take me back, don't take me back
take me back to that day
every day
these shadowy shapes are threatening to steal my mind
i can't reason with them
every method i've tried is a bust

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