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All the Songs by Absofacto

Released on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
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Pigeon Toes Lyrics (by Absofacto)

made a tourniquet from the tassel of a graduate
left high and dry at the altar as
those wedding bells sing "ding da dong"
and we sing another sad song.
we tried a more vivacious melody
but it came out wrong.

how could you come here and say that?
how could you come here at all?

oh, i'm not a fool
but my pigeon toes are blistered
from pacing every night in the gravel outside your house
give it a try
give me some kind of sign
give it up you pathetic split pea soup drinker
give up the ghost as a tip to the hostess

made myself a part of it
a part of it

how could you come here and say that?
how could you come here at all?

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