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Summer in the Storm Cellar by Adam & Naive

Released on Monday, August 10th, 2009
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Coconut Lyrics (by Adam & Naive)

When the rain’s sobs have gone on far too long
It’s starting to sound like the sky’s been shushing us
A crowd’s dull hum muddies up our first song

Then the next ones come like marching drums
Starting to sound like the sun’s been hunting us
A white flag flies, hiding chuckles at its trying so hard

This island is a very easy place
Here we don’t want to get away

When the chorus comes like waking up
Starting to feel like the songs been touching us
We don’t want to get away

I want to live in a tropical land
And so I come out to the island where the only umbrella sits in a sipping glass
I never realized that the sand could make the perfect bed for us to lay and daydream
Today I’m a cloud in the blue
Today I’m not thinking about me and you
This island

Well I was counting clouds in the puddles on the ground
Now they’re leaving me to be too un-intrigued to keep me looking down
I raise my sight to see no more black and grey just blue and green
Crooked lampposts, sunny trees, and birds I’ve never ever seen in the strange, strange city
I’m happy to be here

The most important thing is to feel important,
Do you feel important at all?
People who are- you are- you excited to see me, to be around me
So be around me
Making people smile, saying sorry like a child, makes things better, making things better
Hey Arnold!
Hey sunshine!
My caring mother
Always putting others, ahead
Driving at night watching memories pass me by

So be around me

Here the dull hums warm as “it’s been so long” hugs
It’s starting to come back to us

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