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Every Starry Night by Adam & Naive

Released on Monday, August 23rd, 2010
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In Sitting Distance Lyrics (by Adam & Naive)

Ty- I wish I could be set free
From the things that make me me
I want to be set free

Ken- Everywhere's in sitting distance
I never made a happiness list
But I should be fine
From time to time I remember mine

Sitting ends in awkward "What did we miss?"
Juxtapun your crippling shyness
Quit asking "What's can be done?"
And just do

They don't know walking is something
They're always sitting down

Walk hard for the quiet piece of bliss
On a roof there's time to reminisce
Kiss now or forever talk about it

Talking to yourself "I should live in the now"
Keep up, that thought could slow you down
But you should be fine
From time to time you forget everything

Omar- Feeling that you get when you just wake up from slumber
On a school day, rainy day
Quiet, dark, and tapping on your window
As you drift back to where you were
As your body just releases itself back into its sheets
Nothing better than knowing you have somewhere to be
But the warmth and comfort of yourself leaving reality at 6:30 in the morning
Nothing is more fleeting than love and life itself
I don't wanna wake up alone and at all with anybody else

Ty- I wish I could be set free
From the things that make me me
I want to be set free
A house of cards
But I'll never get that far
And if I do I hope you'll live inside me without feeling the roof
I know you'll get that far
And when you do I know they'll live inside of you like you've always wanted but have never been able to

Ken- It's dark but every starry night is light enough

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