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Presents, Tattoos, and Different Directions by Adam & Naive

Released on Friday, February 3rd, 2012
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Paw Bloom Lyrics (by Adam & Naive)

All teethy smiles it seems, shy dog eyes reflecting shy dog eyes
We are mirrors and our pupils are glossy with chilly tears drawn from sailing bikes
Out of mouth comets a light and we share it
Each a puzzle piece tearing for fun and panting at trying so hard
I'd let you have it if you want but we both know it makes us wag

To tense up and let go, so face facts
So it goes, don't let go of your hair
So it grows, don't let go of your teeth
So it shows, don't let go
And when the time comes ask it for a chance
It might make you beg, so learn your trick and tell him
"I won't take no"

Our masters are walking, our legs are awkward
I am talking the release of a dog backwards barking, a jargonish banter
(Juggernaut panther)
Our mouths are moving, our hands are distant
I am wincing at a sun I am not used to seeing, we kiss too often in darkness
And an absence that is filling your stomach and questions I sometimes need answered
But I don't mind when I'm close I see a craving in your dilation
And I agree and I am screaming it back at you in your own reflection