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Summer in the Storm Cellar by Adam & Naive

Released on Monday, August 10th, 2009
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Rainy Day Lyrics (by Adam & Naive)

I’m hiding in the kitchen
You’re waiting with your ears perked up for a fidget
Climbed into the highest cabinet
But I’ll stay quiet
Crouched in silence
I’m practicing to be a spy

I’m setting out the puzzle
You’re waiting for the rain to stop by the window
I’m asking for a favor
I know it’s dumb
Because we know
The picture will be three wise wolves
But I like your repose
Like those too old
To be the spy

I’m cleaning out the attic
You’re sneezing will uncover the dusty paintings
I should really turn a light on
But I’ll be subtle
Feet be nimble
I’m practicing to be a ghost

Oh I’m sorry if I scared you
I was only playing around, I didn’t mean to

I like the doors that open
On the rare occasion when the rain is wanted

Rainy day
Trapped inside
Rainy day

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