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Presents, Tattoos, and Different Directions by Adam & Naive

Released on Friday, February 3rd, 2012
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Snowed In Lyrics (by Adam & Naive)

I was snowed in at Tyler’s house
I couldn’t come tell you how I felt
I dreamed I wrote you a letter then I gave it to the wrong girl, now I live with it
Swim with it
Oh, but by the warm morning after the snow had blown from the blocking
Get up!
Now I face it
Swim with it

I just don’t see why we don’t talk, there’s a closure I’m seeking
Get up!
Now you face it
Swim with it

I know don’t know an answer but I do feel it coming closer to a point where I could kiss it
I dreamed it may be for the better
Ty said a kiss is for the books and I think it applies
I know what I deserve
But could I be something better?

Confusing the hours with seconds again, aaahhh!
Compounding the hours the second we met
It's okay you're not sick, I feel it too
If we fall asleep, then we'll die, I know, I know
Laughing eyes all wide across the room

I'm sick, can't handle my heart high, no
But the sunrise hides night highs so low
It's just those so cold shivers yet heart's so warm

Should you let your guard down
I'll see your hypochondria
Should I let my guard down
You'd see my heart-highchondria

Just one more tunnel of our eyes
Before we die in our sleep
When I get dragged to my head by my INFP
Now I can't speak
If I could I'd just ask
If you would ditch your life and live with me

Confusing the hours with seconds again, aaahhh
I liked you more under what I showed
I liked you more under all this snow

I know where time goes
To stitches sewn; a tux
To flowers grown; and cut and tossed
To the side of the road
Where his car was kissed
And his body thrown

So it's me
And you're you
And it's me
For you