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Summer in the Storm Cellar by Adam & Naive

Released on Monday, August 10th, 2009
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Water Balloon Lyrics (by Adam & Naive)

You’re not ready to empty out your shell
You’ll be a water balloon burst on a tree one bright summer and some lucky grass will swell
And get to be the green and prickly ripped from earth and left there sticky
On your children’s backs
Itched arched like a bridge for ants to cross
On to the
Picnic with nitpicky hands grabbing at berries
To fill your stomach up full and heavy
I might be somebody’s mid daydream
As they daze off looking for what’s filling
Out in the woods grabbing red holly

You’re all ready to open up your arms
You’ll be a glass shard washed up round from the sea of some clumsy drunken kids who came to carve
Up the trash that ends up sanded to shell x-rays from the hands of
Man’s naïve rewards
God gives, must be something that we did to
Deserve all this dizzy spin walking for nothing
Watch as the worlds turning really is something
I might be somebody’s mid day dream
As they go out spinning for what’s lovely
I’m nausea that chokes laughing, what’s funny?

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