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Adam Sapphire Lyrics

Chapter 6: The New Gods Buy Album directly from Adam Sapphire via their Bandcamp account.

Released May 2011
  1. The Great Soulwell (The Seven Kingdoms and The Martyr of Valhalla)
  2. James Hope VII: Streets of Rhy'Din (Beat by i3 and Gee-Lo.) Search Google
  3. Giant Robot Battle Search Google
  4. Through Time and Space (ft. Kyle K2 Key) Search Google
  5. Become The Hero (EvilLord420 vs DarthPWNZu666)
  6. The Absence Of Time Before The Light
  7. Sun Eaters (ft. Atramedes)
  8. Edge Hope: Do You Feel Like I Do? (Slopington Heights and The Weapon of Fate) Search Google
  9. Party With The Scene Kids Search Google
  10. I Loved Pokémon (When It Was Underground) Search Google
  11. BILLY MAYS Search Google
  12. Dubuque Dubuque (We Party 'Til We Puke) Search Google
  13. Pomegranate (Eating You) Search Google
  15. If You Ain't Horde (You Ain't Nuthin' But a Bitch) Search Google
  16. I GOT THE DEVIL BEHIND ME (Slopington Heights Remix) Search Google
  17. Shabutie Megamix Search Google
  19. I'm not just another NPC (ft. Slopington Heights)
  21. Tetsuo Shima
  22. Vomiting on Slopington Heights Ouija Board Search Google
  23. Halley's Comet (1986/2061)
  24. Chapter 3: 10,000 Years Later (I've Been To The Future) Search Google
  25. Lv. 99 Dungeon Master (ft. ISTDHD-BGM4)
  26. Adam Sapphire Confronts The Dungeon Master Search Google
  27. The Rebirth of James Hope VII (ft. Slopington Heights) Search Google
  28. Adam Sapphire Joins The Game Search Google
  29. Vinyl Fantasy: Ice-Elemental Magic Tier-1 Unlocked Search Google
  30. Where The Fuck Is The Dragon? (Scrap Brain Zone)
  31. Save Point in Ice Crown (Beat by Atramedes) Search Google
  32. Vinyl Fantasy: Lv. 99 Dungeon Master (Kefka) Search Google
  33. Neo Valhalla (Chapter Fünf Porn Stars) Search Google
  34. Vinyl Fantasy: The Fall of Earth Search Google
  35. Clash of Light and Shadow (DIE! Dungeon Master) Search Google
  36. The New Gods: Smote Demons Everyday Search Google
  37. Existance Exists [Slopington Heights VS. Phuckface Digitalis XVII] Search Google
  38. Ashes of Piano Island Search Google
  39. Vital Beach [Ashes of Piano Island] (The Blood Brothers) Search Google
  40. Illusion of Gaia: Cast Down From Babel's Tower (Will's Dream) Search Google
  41. Hatin' On My Fellow Man (Which Way is Mecca?) Search Google
  42. Jesus Space-Wizard (The Second Cumming) Search Google
  43. September 11th (10 Year Anniversary) Search Google
  44. Cock Slopes (ft. Bald Eagles and Slopington Heights) Search Google
  45. Youtube Millionaire

Chapter 1: The Fall of Earth Buy Album directly from Adam Sapphire via their Bandcamp account.

Released September 2010
  1. Oops, I Accidently The Entire Universe! (ft. Gtuk)
  2. The Last Stand of King James Hope VI Search Google
  3. RL Loser Kid
  4. Become The Hero (Intergalactic Spaceship) Search Google
  5. Young Love and Artificial Happiness
  6. I Won't, See You Next Tuesday
  7. Release my Bankai (Motherfuckers Die)
  8. High School Massacre (The War For Earth Begins)
  9. Taking Down A Third Level Demon
  10. Naberius: High Commander Of The Nineteen Legions Of Hell
  11. 6000000000 People (My Hand Falters and The Flames Overcome Me)
  12. Staring Into The Void
  13. A New Hope Search Google
  14. Mind Laser
  15. DIE IN A Fire (Farewell Earth) Search Google

Chapter 7: Into The Great Beyond Buy Album directly from Adam Sapphire via their Bandcamp account.

Released September 2011
  1. Lucifer's Fall From Grace (OOPS! I ACCIDENTLY THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!)
  2. The God Particle (Deus Ex Machina) Search Google
  3. Vinyl Fantasy: One-Winged Angel Search Google
  4. Open Up Your Eyes It's All Fucking Bullshit Search Google
  5. Memories of Her No Longer Guide My Sword Search Google
  6. Sun Eaters (The Hero of The Third Age)
  7. The Third Big Bang (ft. Slopington Heights)
  8. Musings 10000 Years in The Future
  9. The Transcended King of Neo Valhalla (ft. Slopington Heights)
  10. The Space Between Dreams Search Google
  11. The Rebirth of James Hope VII [Bonus Track] Search Google

Chapter 2: The Martyr of Valhalla Buy Album directly from Adam Sapphire via their Bandcamp account.

Released November 2010
  1. DIE IN A Fire (Farewell Earth) Search Google
  2. Adam Zivojnovich is... Adam Sapphire in... Return of The RL Loser Kid Search Google
  3. The tale of Brickshoe: Stomper of Faces (Dungeons and Dragons) Search Google
  4. Under The Influence Search Google
  5. Suicide Letter (Things Couldn't Be Better) Search Google
  6. Gently (Slipknot) Search Google
  7. Transmissions from a Dead Planet: Memories are Treachery Search Google
  8. Smote Demons Everyday
  9. Beastmaster (Ride Godzilla, Create Disaster) Search Google
  10. I <3 Female Assassins ( TAP DAT ASS ASS SIN)
  11. Sapphire Edge: The Gift of Hope
  12. Sinking Slave Ships
  13. Guitarmy (The Blood Brothers) Search Google
  14. Cherry Soda (Jaguar Love) Search Google
  15. Vinyl Fantasy: Opening Theme Search Google
  16. Vinyl Fantasy: Release My Bankai (Motherfuckers Die) Search Google
  17. Vinyl Fantasy: The Crystal Tower
  18. Vinyl Fantasy: The Demon Slave World Search Google
  19. Sapphire Edge: I'll place my faith in this blade (Sapphire Magic) Search Google
  20. The Final Frontier: Science/Reality/The_Dream Search Google
  21. Adam and (the) Eve
  22. The Martyr: Complete and Utter Failure / Winter Recovery System Search Google
  23. Reformat Me (10000 Years in The Soulwell)
  24. When Skeletons Live: Eulogy of The Martyr of Valhalla/Tribute to The Amory Wars Search Google
  25. Elohim, is it only a dream? Search Google
  26. Jesus Space-Wizard: NEVER FUCKING FORGET Search Google