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Generator. Operator. Destroyer. by Aglacia

Released on Monday, April 4th, 2011
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Appeared And Was Gone Lyrics (by Aglacia)

This is where they come from every direction to put an end to this cycle. In here there is no light, but I can hear them begin to move. They’re like a parasite feeding the host its own lies, and I’m just like them with no beginning and no end, I’ll hear them cry out and obey without a sound. Speak up tell me all of the things you wanted but couldn’t say. Speak up, they say, they all stare but no one is listening. They wrap their arms around me in such a subtle embrace and pull me into them. I’ve been so content to let repetition have its way again and again. They dragged me out to all the flickering lights, like a moth I followed them to a company of dead men. Where everything is alive and breathing but it all feels so broken. I must be caught somewhere in between illusion and reality, let me out of this dream. But I’m just like them, I have no end and when they cry out I won’t hear a sound. Everyone is waiting, everyone is scared.

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