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Bitter Suite by Amy LaCour

Released on Thursday, August 16th, 2007
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Fall Lyrics (by Amy LaCour)

I missed the leaves change
Waiting for you to become someone else
And if I gave of myself
Then you’d come around
Before the leaves turned to brown

I missed the leaves change
Begging you to see
But all within your reach
May live only in our minds
And the leaves, they have no time

Though nothing is impossible
I’ve grown tired of possibilities
I’m beginning to believe in too late

Though nothing is impossible
I wouldn’t do that to your dreams
But how long, please should we wait

Oh, let the leaves fall

We have been hand in hand
Long enough to see it straight
So I will go on my own
And let them fall where they may

But if the leaves should turn in spring
We’ll not have missed a thing
So baby, think of me
Should your luck change

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