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Atrocities by Anno Domini

Released on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
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Breathe Deep The Ash Lyrics (by Anno Domini)

Rising through the tides
Beating at the heart of the wicked ones
Arms stretched forth, bearing us toward
Fortune and reward
A faceless soul we all know called fear

Fear robs your voice
It takes away your choice
And leads us to a place with nothing but faces
And people just like us
Hopeless and soulless
No guidance, no conscience
Just lifeless, worthless shells

Writhing, Bleeding and dying

It’s happened: the decent to black
Take nothing…Attack!
Breathe deep the ash
Blisters lungs and makes us delirious
For some it shows weakness
Back then we were promised transcendence

The end will not come soon
Instead it makes us look like fools
Tormented by relentless ghouls
We’re force fed by this bodiless voice

For us it drives us to grieve
And then we try, we try not to bleed
Is this the time, the time we hope to conquer
Breathe back life into these force-fed memories

Human kind nears its extinction
No birth without execution
Or error without correction
No unforeseen retribution
This world has now been purified
Of the wretched human genome
They are a plague unto themselves
We stand by

The time is right
The time has come
To bleed this night
And bang this drum
We’ll make this time a lasting one
Until next time my mind is gone

We have all been brought here by you
Your voiceless words they precede you
Seductive temptress, rational thought gone
Blissfully ignorant to what’s going on…

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