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Atrocities by Anno Domini

Released on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
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What Lies Inside Lyrics (by Anno Domini)

Wasting time on frozen memories
Breathes life into wasted enemies
Crouched here waiting for them to be
Something more than “wait and see”
In this place it feels like it’s just the same
Confusion at the sights we see
Knowing everything is just the same
We wait here, patiently

Thunderous sounds calling from the underground
Deep voices that breed pure heresy
Lay awake dwelling on the realm of nothingness
My brain is on a loop and just can’t seem
To put a stop to these thoughts of fury
Spellbinding, intoxicating
Rotting at the core of a soul that was one good
Full and whole

Painful reminder
Of what we bear
Painful reminder…
This heaving chest…

What lies inside will tear apart your sanity
Will feast upon your last remnants of dignity

We walk towards our end
Not theirs
The kindness we share
An echo of mere distain

We walk towards our end
Not theirs
The lies that we share
An echo of mere despair

We will come to find
The way forward
The path towards the end is paved in gold
What lies inside…fear lies inside…

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