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Golden Times For Desperate Lovers by A Saving Whisper

Released on Thursday, January 27th, 2011
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Golden Times For Desperate Lovers Lyrics (by A Saving Whisper)

I ever listened to the voice in my head – I better kill thoughts, I better look inside
cause your heart knows best whats right
Is it forever? oh god what useless thought.

the times we shared will stay in mind , but the clocks will always show that time is lost.

All these moments will stay in the past tense
I was sure perfection is fiction
waiting for a happy ending

I was never sure if I will feel this again, so I want to keep it in my heart. oh please let me be strong to keep things straight.

If you been there you would have seen these eyes and they said please stay.....
it's so hard to feel when you're so far away
But all these feelings were drowned in the rough sea
all these times were part of nightmare
But they made me who I am now.

You made me feel so special when you took my hands
You made me feel like I should breathe, but air becomes so thin when you are around.

I better listened to the things that I do –to find the answers, to find the truth in life
cause my heart knows best whats right
Is it a sequence? so you just wait for sense

The times we shared will stay in mind. But I'll never be the same again when you're around.