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Tour Demos by Ascetic Parade

Released on Monday, June 13th, 2011
More lyrics from Tour DemosSpray Paint and Posterboard(s), Occurrence at Tomlin Mill Rd, 70, Don't Stop,

Brightest Lights Lyrics (by Ascetic Parade)

scattered about
tossed round
these city streets i'm shoved into
a crowd of decorated paper dolls
distracted and dumbstruck
singled out by another worthless club
where high heels and net worth
always seem to fall in love

saturday night
lost in a sea of business suits
i cannot help but stand out
looking down at my tennis shoes

cause it's not what you make
it's what you bank in this pathetic world
it's not what you make
it's what you fake in this pathetic world

payday effects
less debt
nearly nothing to my name but i accept
this nervous stage fright taking over me
meeting the ends
searching for myself not affluence
from checklists to checkbooks
i'm not quite on the same page

just take my hand tonight
i swear it'll be alright

we'll take our time
we'll take our time
we'll take our time
and we'll get it right
everything everything everything is coming down so
quickly quickly quickly but i can't shake this
feeling that we'll be just fine