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Durham Has A Skyline Too by Ascetic Parade

Released on Sunday, October 24th, 2010
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Promenade in Raindrops Lyrics (by Ascetic Parade)

rain-lacquered streets
smile black
as my leaky soles
cackle and splash
with every slap
i wake idling puddles
to spark armageddon
via splatter and bubbles
glassy leaves and debris
kiss the curbs of the streets
and the ends of my jeans
drink the rain as they sink

and so i'll try to understand
something i'll never understand
and all the streetlights
they'll wink at me
and i will surely
fall to my knees
and i am begging you, darling, please
oh please, don't

lonesome streetlights
beacon down
across this artificial town
reliant on the factories
well, that's not actually the truth
it's not the plants
it's more the closings
that somehow pardon
them from growing
hope dies
with the night
as the sun
outshines our streetlights