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Durham Has A Skyline Too by Ascetic Parade

Released on Sunday, October 24th, 2010
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Secret Service Lyrics (by Ascetic Parade)

Can't read the writing on the wall
My handiwork is scrawled
It's the imprint of my tattered mind
the prints faded blackened red
Don't spread your lies
Like you spread your legs
They're both infected

It bubbles, it boils, it falls from the corners of your mouth
It's toxic, misleading, but it's lead to the best time of your life

Keep reading, wallpaper peels to new pages
Words convey feelings you could never bring yourself to say
Is the pen the coward's way out?
To hide on blue lines on ruled paper.

It's fiction, my diction, the only way I can communicate
My passion's not in fashion, but I am only who I am today