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Ruin Nation by Attica Rage

Released on Sunday, October 5th, 2008
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In My Dreams Lyrics (by Attica Rage)

In my dreams, the hand in flames
points to the only one to blame
This blackened heart will never clear
the burning guilt I’ll always feel

A window burst, explode the night
Naked flames licked up the sky
An inferno mass which I once knew
I couldn’t help them to break through

Now left alone, I hold the flame
And carry on the family name
With embers left and distant screams
The torment begins in my dreams

As time goes on fear takes control
The twisted truth consumes my soul
The guilt I keep deep inside
Feeds a desire to say goodbye

Time won’t heal, relieve the pain
I’ll always hold myself to blame
The time is near to cut the ties
As I release the dreams for my demise

Dead in my dreams

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