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Pass the Poison by Banner Pilot

Released on Friday, March 31st, 2006
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Sunbelt Scars Lyrics (by Banner Pilot)

If you can walk or crawl then let’s leave this hospital and take this car far as it goes. Lost and kicked about. Sun belt scars remove all doubt but cover up this chapter’s closed no, this world ain’t all snow. So rip the IVs that grow from your heartbreak you know they don’t look as bad underneath real light and make your way through the door to the sidewalk let’s go. Coast’s a day if we drive all fucking night. Harbor next stop, a florence backdrop. It cheers me up knowing some things never change like the pacific ocean watch the sand dunes blow and set the waves in motion. Bring you back to life. Let dreams cut through the gloom of this lonely waiting room it’s love today but then it goes, no it always seems so.

Buy track Sunbelt Scars directly from Banner Pilot (via Bandcamp).