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Pass the Poison by Banner Pilot

Released on Friday, March 31st, 2006
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Uptown Sleep Solution Lyrics (by Banner Pilot)

Pressed my nose through her straight black hair. Please stay with me. Taking in the details of the door. So what is it that you’re crying for. Louder Than Bombs on the stereo. You don’t have to go. I’ve seen people freezing up tonight and hope slips if you can’t hold it tight. Felt the pull of the city streets a few feet away. Watching minutes crawling towards dawn. I’ll probably miss you when I’m gone. So let the record play it covers up the things we don’t say. See that the world’s flipped upside down. The flames that I felt for you turned to snow the last day or two so I can’t sleep in uptown. Close your eyes for one last kiss goodbye. So sick of reasons why. You filled me up until I cracked. With no scrips the pain keeps coming back. Icy road up until the end I can’t take another bend. It’s my fault I knew what you’re about. Unlocked the door and wandered out.

Buy track Uptown Sleep Solution directly from Banner Pilot (via Bandcamp).