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Kuhzoo by Bella Ruse

Released on Friday, December 31st, 2010
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Black & Flowers Lyrics (by Bella Ruse)

I never heard you cry until the day your father died
It was a sad affair with black and flowers everywhere
People filled the room
Waiting for dead men to rise and meet them in the gloom
But baby that's not you

I never heard you laugh until the day that I came back
It was an early dawn and I came home with fetters on
Chained to your heart
Well babe I'll wait here until the year withers with the fall
And you know that's not all

I never wanted you until the day I heard the news
It was a tragedy that I could not be torn in three
That I could not have followed you
Well now we're moving on and crying through our teeth
Come have your drink with me

I never heard you breathe until the world turned under me
And when it did it wasn't bad, it wasn't good; it was just
Me as close as I could get to you
And now we're old men all again looking for the past to guide us
And now we're old men all again looking for the past to hide us

Buy track Black & Flowers directly from Bella Ruse (via Bandcamp).