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More Heart Than Brains by Bike For Three!

Released on Monday, May 25th, 2009
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All There Is To Say About Love Lyrics (by Bike For Three!)

Dragonflies and the agonizing blast from a gun.
Under a magnifying glass in the sun.
You ran fast and you won. It takes time to heal a wing.
A hundred year old photograph doesn't feel a thing.
Tracked courses. The parable lacked sources.
Unbearable first memories of terrible black horses.
Question the funeral procession and the pageant.
The home we chose vs. the one that we imagined.

Break chains...
Make change...
Break chains...

I was boxing with a ghost and drawing maps
While bells were accidentally announcing the collapse.
Trial by journalist and crushed beneath heavy light.
Child's handwriting: I cry for you every night.
... the lonely end. I love you. You're my only friend.

Sailor vs. salesman and nothing bores a genius.
Oceans and time zones. Six doors between us.
Eyes that burn holes through people and indignant hisses.
Alone in our rooms with cures for malignant kisses.
Oh my God. Oh my god. The broken man that cries, 'believe me'.
Merciless, the wind at night and scared to death, my eyes deceive me.
Tie my hands behind my back. Question marks surround my head.
My legs know how to love someone. Alas, there's walls around my bed.

Over the phone, it's good to know we're not alone
With all the broken parts in the world and our own.
The sleeping ache. All the messes that we make.
Sound, you can count on me to come around when you break.