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More Heart Than Brains by Bike For Three!

Released on Monday, May 25th, 2009
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The Departure Lyrics (by Bike For Three!)

Without everything else. Heavily and only-less.
Late at night in a city known for loneliness.
The words written are up for interpretation.
The ring on your finger cut off your circulation.
Working your patience, also nobody else's.
So bloody. Mark and trust your dark impulses.
See your own breath. Freezing cold and feelingless.
Why ask questions when words are just meaningless?
The picture of emptiness. The high wall it's mounted on.
The disappearance of the one person you counted on.
Nothing to look forward to. A painful past to sever.
Call off the search for something that lasts forever.
Close your eyes tight and break the bottle lightly.
Fall to the floor and bleed. God almighty.
Process of elimination. It's part of the pain.
The start of it's reign. It's hard to explain.
Playing dead. Cry your eyes out. Faint instead.
Under attack. Black walls. Paint them red.
Kiss the ghost. Listen close. Hear the curse.
Reveal the worry. Feel the fury. Fear the worst.

Home remedies. Witchcraft and wizardry.
This space for rent. Torment and misery.
Intelligent hands wait for the day to arrive.
The need to feel pain as a way to survive.
Exorcising demons and other things we try to do.
Cut yourself open to show me what's inside of you.
Scars all over your body, fast and clever.
Finally, something that will last forever.

Dark lives. Sharp knives. Pieces of glass.
Lets all the air out. Releases the gas...