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Delicious Jams (2011) by Boatrocker

Released on Friday, January 28th, 2011
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Adam and Steve Lyrics (by Boatrocker)

When the notion of preserving the institution of marriage is even acknowledged, you kind of have to ask yourself, "What's the point in starting now," when it's never really seemed an interest? Separate but equal? Yeah, that's worked out so well before. And, instead of evolving ideas let's just choose to ignore the mistakes of our forefathers. The absence of common sense explains the ignorance, but you still have to answer for intolerance that even your contradictory mythology can't explain (let alone contain).

One more victory for homophobes is silver-lined with the idea that hopefully we're getting closer to the complete elimination of overall love legislation. If an entity that's supposed to exist independently of church doctrine has to have a say in the way in two adults can call a union, then that same entity can't use the divine to try and define a husband a wife as the only bond that's right. Otherwise, don't legally recognize antiquated traditions for anyone at all.

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