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Delicious Jams (2011) by Boatrocker

Released on Friday, January 28th, 2011
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Jaded Engineers Lyrics (by Boatrocker)

Just because you're magnetic doesn't mean you control the world's axis. But, let's pretend that's true... because that would imply that you are split in two and exist outside civilization in locations cold, barren, inhospitable and mostly uninhabited. And, the idea is irrational and impossible, just like the typical garbage that comes out of your mouth. So, I guess that some it makes sense? It explains your bipolar fits and incompetence at hanging onto your friends.

My trick to avoiding an every day lyrical cliche involving arson and roadways is to avoid pork barrel spending and to insure that any more bridges I help create actually lead somewhere. That's something that's become increasingly rare. I've tried turning a blind eye to your more self-serving plights, but now I find myself unable to think that you'll ever revise what underlies that pedestal you've but yourself upon -- even though everyone down here's gradually withdrawn.

I've mastered the art of the repress, but I'm still having trouble coupling forgiveness with a willingness to forget... and I've yet to decide if that's a defect. But, as of now, I really couldn't care less.

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