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More B.S. by Bree Sharp

Released on Thursday, August 1st, 2002
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Sleep Forever Lyrics (by Bree Sharp)

Half asleep my mind is spinning,
Monsters are all around
And on the ceiling you are lying naked
I am feeling like a shaken doll
Latham sends a letter to his pocket friend,
"I'm feeling very small"
(But I just keep rolling on)

Desperation disappear beneath my cover
Happiness is waiting in a distant slumber

Quieting the monsters with a tiny hand
And tiny circles
Circling the fuzz, but it's not the buzz
I'm after when I come
It's the secret, sleepy sand the angels
Bring my body when I'm done
(But I just keep rolling on)

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Desperation disappear beneath my cover
Happiness is waiting like a long-lost-lover

I could sleep forever (4×)

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