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Boat Race Split 7 Inch by Broken Few

Released on Thursday, May 13th, 2010
More lyrics from Boat Race Split 7 InchStockholm,

Dynamite Lyrics (by Broken Few)

With our hands on our hearts, we swear that you would never fit in. The conversation was never that bad, but you were never tuned in. A recent assessment of your character means you are no longer welcome. A Feeling. A Reaction. Feigned interests, false convictions, a disgrace. You lied so many times about your moral obligations. Its true, those boys* are dynamite (those boys are dynamite). Tonight we'll put the world to rights, those boys are dynamite. We always said that you would never fit in, we've been proved right. We've made plans to go out, and you're not invited.

*Not to be gender
specific, of course.