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Capsized by Capillary Action

Released on Monday, April 4th, 2011
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Brackish Love Lyrics (by Capillary Action)

Acting on impulse
A daring escape
But you know how we always moved so quickly

We should have been too close to lie
We should have been too tough to—

You made the call
Eyes fixed on the road
Tonight I'm lucky to be at your mercy

We should have been too close to lie
We should have been too tough to die

What are your demands?
Could I bring you back with just a simple sleight of hand?
Inch by inch the thicker the salt of the sea

The only two souls in sight
So much at stake we start to laugh uncontrollably
Underneath the rusted lining
I could never seem to separate agony from ecstasy

We should have been too tough to die
I should be too strong to cry

Strap in the iron lung just in time to witness one last gasp
Deadset on finishing the race
I don't give a fuck if I come in last

Faster than a rollercoaster
Unmistakable when it hits
This can't be the end
Except that it is
Accept that it is

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