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Capsized by Capillary Action

Released on Monday, April 4th, 2011
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Unnecessary Surgery Lyrics (by Capillary Action)

Seems like screams and cymbal stands are the only things that can cut through this heavy air

In this game the object is to cut or get cut out
But there's just no way I'm stretching
To get what I'm not sure I want

This is war between logic and perjury
Every night you perform unnecessary surgery
You made your call before I could plead my case
It's because I secretly hate you

One false step
I swear I did not forget
I said my apologies
But now we're both losing sleep

Neither version applies
But we both know what I did I did out of spite
The damage is irreversible

This doesn't follow reason
We've chosen the path of most resistance
It's too late now
We've already drawn our weapons

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