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Where Do Girls Come From by Charlie Dée

Released on Saturday, December 31st, 2005
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Long Way Gone Lyrics (by Charlie Dée)

Long Way Gone

She sits and waits
Staring at her reflection
In the darkness of her window
she sees his shade sometimes
illusions come and go
is he finally coming home
but he walks over bridges
crossing empty streets
passing whores and taxidrivers
in his mind he runs the hills
running bare feet
drowned in his illusions

and how she wants to know why they
just keep on repeating why she just can face to leave him
and he, he follows all the signs
but all his words they fail her to show
what he already knows

He's a long way gone
A long way gone a long way gone
Now there are no more lies to be done

She sits and waits
The sun is almost rising
A new day has began
And she stumbles into the room
Wakes her little children to tell that father went away
He walks over bridges crossing empty streets
Passing whores and taxidrivers
In his mind he runs the hills
Running barefeet
Drowned in his conclusions
He' a long way gone…