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Where Do Girls Come From by Charlie Dée

Released on Saturday, December 31st, 2005
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Monday Morning Lyrics (by Charlie Dée)

Mondaymorning I wake up
I give him a little kiss
And I go go go
To the bakery down the street
Buy bread, buy cake
And I go go go
To the supermarket to
Buy this, buy that
I buy a little chocolate
And I go go go
With the car to the garage
And I talk to the man,
I drink his louzy coffee,
I ask him stupid questions,
I pay him too much
And I go go go
To my friend at the Barneybar
And I talk a little to my friend,
But my friend, he's way too busy
So I just grab the newspaper,
I read some nasty headlines,
I don't wanna read nasty headlines
so I look a little around me
and than I see see see
That’s my boyfriend across the street
I kissed him this morning
But he didn’t kiss me back, And I can see now why
Cause he's kissing her
And he really seems to like it and I know know know:

I'll never be, never be
I'll never be the same