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Where Do Girls Come From by Charlie Dée

Released on Saturday, December 31st, 2005
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The Weather Is Changing Lyrics (by Charlie Dée)

The Weather Is Changing

I hear the rain on the window down the hall
I'm staring in front of me
I'm trying to find that hole
Alice from Wonderland jumped through it
I couldn't do it
Couldn't find right mister Rabbit
To push me through it

I hear the rain on the window down the hall
You're standing naked in my room
You say you' re hungry
I order white fish
You just want your sandwich
Story of the wife, glory of my live

The weather is changing
Hear the wind its crying louder
I know I can't make it
I've got so much to do
The weather is changing
There's something in the air
That makes me long for fun arcades, disco songs and hitparades
Billy-jean in a dancing scene, funny men that won't complain

I hear the rain on the window down the hall (tic tic)
Your voice still echoes echoes in my head and in the bedroom
I'm incapable of smalltalk, just cannot do it
You ask me why the sun won't shine
Well, honey let me tell you why

The weather is changing….
Listen Honeybunny
Everytime when I hear the rain drip dripping on my window
And I hear you preaching
And I hear you complain
I know I gotta go searching
I gotta go searching for that right mister Rabbit

The weather is changing…