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Tunnels EP by Cranes

Released on Friday, July 30th, 2010
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Sweeper Lyrics (by Cranes)

For a few days let's sit around and collect some bottles and cans
And see where we end up.
Cause I won't let myself
Race myself to the end.
There's no locked doors
from here on out.
Some of us will never get to see
Just where we wanted to be.
Lay low and live like someone else.
No not me,
No not me.
So for the next three nights well take the time to
Relax and wonder for a few
About where we'll be five years from now.
If we managed to escape.
If we managed to break, break, break away.
If we managed to escape these days where we would rather forget our names.
And I don't wanna choke on my own words till my face turns blue and I'm dead in the dirt, laying still until forever passes by without a trace

FREE Download: Cranes - Sweeper.mp3 (via Bandcamp).