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The Future is Bright by CREDO

Released on Monday, August 31st, 2009
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The Future is Bright Lyrics (by CREDO)

Reach for my heart, and I'll lead you home, my love will change your heart of stone, Surrender to me all of your life, your dreams, and your past...for the Future is Bright
I'ts so bright with me....Its so bright.. Yes, the future is bright it's so bright with me...
If you abide in me I will abide in you, There's no other love that can satisfy you...There comes a time to turn and face the TRUTH, If you turn to me I will carry you, So let me lead you home!

Pray with the heart and you can depend on my life for love, because it never ends...And don't be surprised when you see your life change for the good...Cuz the Future is bright, yes the future is bright ...It's so bright with ME

We will fly across heaven's sky...My love will light your darkest nights...When the tempest blows, I will shield the flame... within your heart and we will rise again let me lead you home!

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