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We Are Weak//He Is Strong by Daylight

Released on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
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We Arise Lyrics (by Daylight)

verse 1
Sleeping's for the night
We have seen the sun rise over us
The King has come
Awaken to the day
We have had His glory revealed to us
Love has won

chorus 1
We arise for our light has come
And the glory of God has risen on us
We arise
Jesus is alive
And the power of Christ lifts us up

verse 2
Tear off all that weighs down
We are called to run now free from sin
Alive again
Children of the light flee the things of darkness and follow Christ
Turn and shine

chorus 2
We arise
For our light has come to us
For our God has rescued
He has rescued us
We arise
Jesus is alive in us
Through His death we've overcome
We have overcome

Your blood was poured out
Your life was given
Through death You conquered
You are the word that was spoken

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