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The Great Rift (7" EP) by Defamer

Released on Sunday, February 28th, 2010
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The Great Rift Lyrics (by Defamer)

The Great Rift

He who lurks behind the night sky
Through a series of incantations
He who lurks behind the night sky
Hath been revealled
He who lurks behind the night sky
Is raining down
In a hail of sickening tendrils
Piercing the earth

His vast barbs tear apart the sky
and draw eight spiralling columns of earth
an incomprehensible depth off into nothingness

Through immeasureable seizmic activity the oceans boil

The cities of man are cast into infinity
Survivors gather their sanity
and retreat to the underearth

Children of the great rift, born of the
limitless mayhem contained therein
Decend From ruptured heavens
(Or the void lack thereof)
and tunnel through the havens
and tombs of man
Churning forth crimson rivers
of burning blood
With broken banks
flowing from earth

Reality traverses the rift
fires blossom across the void

He who lurks behind the night sky
Eats the human gods
Eats the alpha and omega
The begining and end of everything are
pulled into a singularity.

FREE Download: Defamer - The Great Rift.mp3 (via Bandcamp).