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Electric Sorcery by Electric Sorcery

Released on Friday, February 20th, 2009
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Life Goes On Lyrics (by Electric Sorcery)

Life Goes On
By Derek Campbell

So many times so many lines unsaid
so many places faces fade into my fantasy
so many reasons different seasons bring the memories of colors
dimmed in moonlight shadows neath the mountains majesty
at different times different mind laid foundations
upon which I’ve laid the structure of my concept of reality
to be eroded by the winds of time
untill all that’s left of me is nothing but the memory of my vanity

Life goes on like a roller coaster life goes on like a speeding train
life goes on and I’m getting older in spite of the pain

same thing at the same time every day
but something told me that was not the way it had to be
stayin down in the town being pushed around
by a clown to make a living working in a factory
with no color in my eyes as the spectrum
that was once a vivid vibrant pallet fades to different shades of grey
like a cocoon wrapped around my conscious mind
until my spirits metamorphosis escapes into the light of day


There’s no time to be wasted focused on the question
of what waits to greet me just beyond the gate if ecstasy
when I’ve arrived there will be no secrets I can’t taste
and answers to the questions I don’t know will be revealed to me
just like the vapor of the cloud to the rain to the river
flowing to the ocean where the void embraces me
to be relieved of the ego that encapsulates the purity of being
that exists until I cease to be


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