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Electric Sorcery by Electric Sorcery

Released on Friday, February 20th, 2009
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Mother Sea Lyrics (by Electric Sorcery)

Mother Sea
By Derek Campbell

See me rise up like a phoenix
from the ashes of the game
see me burn into the sunrise
with no memory of the name
that had chained me like a virgin
to the alter of the beast
waiting for the flesh to break
before my soul can be released

father sky mother sea into the blue as you enrapture me
sister moon brother beast I will raise a toast to you before I feast

you could never see it coming
you cannot escape the grasp
you best pray that on that day
I don’t get medieval on your ass
it may make you want to run and hide
but that won’t do no good
just relax and let it happen oh
I really think you should


No no no no
cause I know that it’s free…

You will hear it in the water
and the wind that blows the trees
you will smell it in the flowers
it will sting you like a bee
through one hundred million life times
with a billion more to go
infinity embraces me
and I’m falling like the snow…


Buy track Mother Sea directly from Electric Sorcery (via Bandcamp).