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Believe In Own Best Friend by Electric Sorcery

Released on Friday, April 8th, 2011
More lyrics from Believe In Own Best FriendSuite:Yehsu Beelzebobs, Own Best Friend Today, Bobby's Lament, Tatisef/Hatihafren, A Party Of Friends, R Time, Forever After,

Nauxluv Lyrics (by Electric Sorcery)

No one wants a mom like Bedsy Nauluv. No one ever taught her how to show love, oh love. No one likes a mom like Bedsy Nauluv. No one wants a mom who never learned how to know how to show how to be no friend, No one cared a mom like Bedsy Nauluv had to raise her Bobby without no one, no fun. Never took the time to show him no love. When she hears him cry she tends togo for a walk and leave Bobby at home alone with out a chaperone, fighting the dog for bones’ in Dr. Denton’s with feet cut off ‘cause he’s grown. She never takes the chance to change his dirty pants. She’d rather go and dance and shake her booty at Senator Stopheles, he runs the brain police. She worships him although he doesn’t give a fuck. He just likes bj’s and her see-through pj’s and he’d never leave his wife for such a dirty slut...Come back Bedsy...

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