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Believe In Own Best Friend by Electric Sorcery

Released on Friday, April 8th, 2011
More lyrics from Believe In Own Best FriendSuite:Yehsu Beelzebobs, Nauxluv, Own Best Friend Today, Bobby's Lament, A Party Of Friends, R Time, Forever After,

Tatisef/Hatihafren Lyrics (by Electric Sorcery)

If you ever find yourself with no friends (Tatisef / Hatihafren®) and you think you’re finally at your ropes end (Tatisef / Hatihafren®) You don’t have to sit home feelin’ lonely (Tatisef / Hatihafren®) There ain’t nothing else can help you, only Tatisef / Hatihafren® Do you ever feel lonely, sad? Are you depressed because you have no friends? Thanks to the insatiable pharmaceutical geniuses at Smerk & Roger, Mi, Johnson you don’t have to feel lonely anymore. There’s a new drug combination that can lift your depression and set you on a path to making new friends. Tatisef®, for that sad, lonely feeling and Hatihafren®, to help you Overcome your social inadequacies. Taken together this powerful drug combination could be the weapon you need to battle the pain of no friends. Ask your doctor if Tatisef / Hatihafren® is right for you. Common side effects may include and are not limited to:.. Got one friend, got two friends….

Buy track Tatisef/Hatihafren directly from Electric Sorcery (via Bandcamp).