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Electric Sorcery II by Electric Sorcery

Released on Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
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The Urge Lyrics (by Electric Sorcery)

The Urge
By Derek Campbell

It happens too many times
That between the rise and decline
Ambition swallows the dream
As it comes apart at the seams
Before the night is over
Too many passions denied
While the fires burned hot deep inside
Your every thought is unclean
And the cunt-sequence will be seen
Before the night is over
Now things have changed so you best be getting into it
Your understanding of demand is illegitimate
Behind design you found a demon creeping steeped in greed
Just dreaming of a reason for deciding how to drive this in
Sweet cherries peaches and cream
Are a few of my favorite things
Hot pressure building to steam
Gonna blow the lid off this dream
Before the night is over
You’re in demand this is a glandular predicament
Don’t underestimate your powers hours into it
This gentle flower towers high above a deep allegiance
Guided by a wider redesigned interpretive degree
Before the night is over
The smoke is rising as the fire lights your invitation
Should you decide to ride this tide in tribal celebration
Just understand the deepest reaches hide the prize you try to find
Inside the wild unbridled steed that’s breathing heat and steam
Before the night is over

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