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Monuments to Human Enlightenment by Erebus

Released on Monday, February 28th, 2011
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Hegemon Lyrics (by Erebus)

Chaos once again descends, the war of all against all
From inequality to social unrest, you fend for yourself
Father come and save us, your children are hungry and cold
Man, we’ve been in time-out a lot, but brand new toys are coming soon

We’re backward but luckily we know the way out
Got Papa Joe to show me the way
We know who to blame for all our pain and poverty
An enemy to justify increasing suffering

Tyrant savior, the blind will lead the blind
Father killed himself but the economy was homicide
Trotsky or Khodorkovsky the trend remains
Lock up the economy in autocratic chains
Stagnation ends with an 'n' but in Ghana that’s where it began
Isolation, domination the cry for justice is back again

Alone and weak in the sea
While sharks swim below
We stand by and watch the sea turn red
It’s in our interest to act, while we still have a chance
To save the hopeless masses from the jaws of death

Hegemon must rise

Supremacy once again ascends, at the expense of the weak
Exploiters only think of cutting the cost, as in the days of old
It’s a race to the bottom, a race that no one wins
Comparative advantage comes at a price, we reap the dividends of misery

We suffer, but luckily there’s a way to fight back
It’s crude, but it just might work
The victims of the war between the great economies,
The corpses of the poor lie rotting on the battlefield

Britain made cloth that was multi-hued but the bones of the Indian weavers were Bleached white
When the imperialists came they robbed and they stole and when they left there was Nothing to see but a hole
Sent to work sewing soccer balls if you complain about your wage then you’ll get Nothing at all

There’s no mercy for the weak, they cant develop on their own, take out a loan, and give Up sovereignty
Work and hope you get out of poverty, work and hope you get out of poverty
Shit, the Thais are tied and you’re fucked
Band together to fight the oppressors, band together to fight the oppressors
Stabbed in the back, the war drags on

And when elephants fight
The grass pays the price
We stand by and watch the suicide
It’s in our interest to act
While we still have a chance to save the hopeless masses from the jaws of death

Hegemon must rise

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