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Money Single by EVEREST

Released on Sunday, November 13th, 2011
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Don't Touch My Money Lyrics (by EVEREST)


Don't Touch My Money:

Green coloured notes and coins drive everybody mad
Makes me wanna kill, makes me wanna hurt, makes me feel bad
How can it control our lives control our minds?
Makes me look stupid as if I walked around blind

As if I walked around blind (x2), As if WE walked around blind

I once even had a baby, I dont remember her name
The type that give you a headache that drive you insane
She said she had to leave me 'cause she dont like my personality
But she don't fool me I know she left me, left me, left me,

Aw, She left me for my money
For my money,
I know she left me for my money, my money.


This shit is all around, surrounds us everyday,
Hard to admit that it takes over completely
Whenever you move, whenever you speak,
Make sure you don't touch my

It can be fun if you know how to use it,
Roll up a dollar note, have some sugar and throw a fit,
but, whenever you move, whenever you speak,
make sure you dont touch my

Make sure you dont touch my (x3)
Dont touch my, Dont touch MY STASH!


Dont touch my... (make sure you)...(x3)

My Money, dont touch my money
I know she left me for my money

My money is the best way to accelerate and dont care (x2)
Money is the best way, the best way,
Money is the best way the best way to....


FREE Download: EVEREST - Don't Touch My Money.mp3 (via Bandcamp).