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Live Karraka Demos by EVEREST

Released on Monday, April 25th, 2011
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We're Pirates (BETA) Lyrics (by EVEREST)

We're Pirates:

Alcohol grows your soul up,
& Drugs blow your mind mad,
Music pulls you into the insane
& You're invited to the game...

Beat of death, Sailing through your head.
Sound compressed, into your brain.
Flying on a truck, into space.
Deep as Purple & Black as Ice!

Oh no!
We're Pirates (x4)

Killin' Time is our Music prime, We're Rocknrollin' n Shreddin' Fine
Are we commitin' brain crimes, sailin Tonight?

Thats they're opinion n' not mine!

We're Pirates (x4)

(whisperin: Pirates)x3
We're Pirates (x8)

FREE Download: EVEREST - We're Pirates (BETA).mp3 (via Bandcamp).