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turn off your name pt. 2 by jon epworth

Released on Thursday, May 29th, 2008
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cull the herd Lyrics (by jon epworth)

what are you doing to your daughters
a fresh coat of paint and a knack for the nightlife
feel the burn of the 3 am mid-calf workout

bursting our veins 'til we clog the last few pores
a fresh coat of skin pulling over the surface
feel the strain on our drugged-up turning resource
chewed up and shit out

how did it happen that i'm locking every door
and boarding up windows in the middle of nowhere

cull the herd

i'm gonna lock all my knowledge and acquired devices
in a box with the triumph over my vices
bury it in a hole in our remote paradise
and stand guard over it with all the love in my life
resolute in the fact that we're the end of the chain
of these particular strands of DNA
and if they criticize the choice we've made
i'll ask them if they'd gladly raise
offspring affected by this terrible culture
of youth gone wild with hurtful sadistic pleasure
think about the fruit of your leisure

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