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turn off your name pt. 2 by jon epworth

Released on Thursday, May 29th, 2008
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delete, delete. Lyrics (by jon epworth)

there's a message waiting and i don't want to hear it
the little light is flashing i pretend not to see it
is this concerning some thing i did
or a necessary thing that i've forgotten to do
there's a text on the cell in the adjacent seat
and i fidget as i wonder if it is for me
i pull my hood over my face as i pretend to sleep
but you know sleeping on the bus is an impossible feat

there's a letter in the box that i don't want to open
even if it's just a bill or an event invitation
messages sent to me electronically before i read it
or reply i want to press delete

it's on the tips of my fingers but i cannot betray it
on the moisture of my lips but i don't want to spray it
it has a hold on my tongue and a chain on my feet
it's difficult to speak your mind if it is not at ease

i hurry up the stairs so i can look out the window
someone's knocking on my door i'm not
expecting a guest
and though they may have tried to call
i wouldn't answer the phone
yet i become more terrified of being alone

what if my mother will despise me 'cause i'm
not a believer or my dad thinks i'm retarded
'cause i can't drive a standard
or a person i have jaded
and i might remain hated
'cause i forgot to clear the air and the moment
has faded

who is it trying to pry into business of mine
why are they following me at every turn
where did they come from and how did they disappear
brandishing knives and blunt objects to do me in
these malcontents
cracking the blinds behind closed doors
i'm outside on all fours minutes pass like days
it's just a phase

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