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turn off your name pt. 2 by jon epworth

Released on Thursday, May 29th, 2008
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drapery store Lyrics (by jon epworth)

i don't want to work at the drapery store
but i can't live this idle life forever
when the question arises then so may the spirits
i think i know the answer but i'm not so sure i want to hear it

with a clear head and sober eyes
all guests are leaving and their bags are in the hall
what was i pursuing and who was it for
agencies ain't exactly knocking down my door
and i can look forward to improved situations
without concern for indie cred or love from
rock and roll stations
if you aren't prepared to sell how could anybody buy
though the party was a gas
i wasn't cautious with my time
i never questioned what would happen
if it all worked out
or if it didn't

where is your back up plan old man
oh yeah you fucked it

hi ho hi ho it's off to work i go

FREE Download: jon epworth - drapery store.mp3 (via Bandcamp).